Aksai Industrial Park (AIP) located

Monday, 28 December 2015 10:25

Aksai Industrial Park (AIP) located in the city of Aksai, West Kazakhstan Region, Republic of Kazakhstan, is functioning as Technology Hub for entire West-Kazakhstan region and for the neighboring region of Caspian Sea, with a total territory of approximately 500.000 km2.

The project is formed to provide to International Investors and Partners a top-notch complex of facilities and services enabling them to set up their own production in Kazakhstan.

Along with the latest available equipment for mechanical, electrical works and fabrication, AIP also provides services of maintenance, logistics, marketing, certification, technical trainings, rent of production, warehouse and office facilities, laboratories and equipment.

The resident companies that have already joined Aksai Industrial Park provide and develop the following services and products:

  • Control panels and skids production (assembly and maintenance)
  • Welding activity and welding training
  • Aluminum scaffolding and covering system production
  • Waste management and pollution remedial solutions
  • Valve assembly, testing and revamping
  • Engineering and construction of flow lines
  • Testing and attestation of materials and equipment
  • Fittings and flanges production
  • Heat-exchangers and boilers maintenance and revamping
  • Trade skills training and development
  • Accredited Laboratories for mechanical and E/I, as well as metrology and calibration services



PetroWeld is an integral resident of Aksai Industrial Park, Initiating Innovation, modernization, quality and pre-qualified products and services for Aksai Industrial Park, and Clients with their associated contractors in Karachaganak fields and West Kazakhstan region.

EPC/PMC Contracting

  • Welding processes
  • Welding equipment design and production
  • Supply of Welding consumables and equipment
  • Welding international standards training and certification  

The first company in Kazakhstan, producing a block-modular equipment for oil&gas industry.

-          Automation and Control System

-          DCS/Telecom system

-          Security management systems

-          Instrumentation and Panels

-          Skidded equipment


Kazakhstan Testing Service, with an experience of more than 10 years in a field of testing and calibration is able to offer one of the most complete lines of hydraulic test rigs and special equipment for testing and control of all kind of valves. KTS parent Company Italcontrol, represented in 5 continents, is one of the major manufacturers   of testing system on the market and synonymous of quality and efficiency.


Garant Project LLP is a fast development Engineering Company providing high quality services engineering support and designing for Industrial and civil constructions.

-          Feasibility study

-          Conceptual design

-          Developing of design documentation

-          Engineering support


Leading International producer of ball valves for onshore/ offshore, low temperature.

-          Floating ball valves

-          Floating and Trunnion ball valves with steam extension

-          Double block and bleed modular ball valves

-          Trunnion mounted ball valves

-          Metal-to-metal floating and trunnion ball valves


Consultancy, Project Financing and Negotiation of Financing, Technical Advisor Services, Engineering services, Provision of Supervision and High -skilled Specialised Manpower, Procurement, Expending, Inspection Services


 Design, manufacturing, supply, testing and commissioning of the equipment for oil and gas, power and water industries.