Exhibition of sculpture and painting

Exhibition of sculpture and painting will open on 20 April in Aksai Industrial Park. It will feature the works of two Italian artists – Mario Pavesi and Giovanni Sala. The exhibition is held with support of sponsorship from Governor's office of West Kazakhstan region. The curator of the exhibition is AIP General Director - Marco Castagnini.


Mario Pavesi

Mario from very young age demonstrated the ability to mold, manipulate, animate material, malleable, fluid and dynamic, ready to be incarnated in different forms. His hands from early years moved confidently like hundred hands, and the clay was transformed under the influence of his energy, transforming ideas into works of sculpture.

Creations of Mario Pavesi are like long stories that originate from the roots and extend deep into the classical traditions. His work is as the substrate, based on close relationship with beauty with a constant and specific reference to the real essence of things but there is one fundamental difference between creation on the basis of reality and realism. The masters Sculpture may seem at the first glance filled with references to the classics, supplemented by diverse shades from the twentieth century and accurate techniques but in fact, many of his master pieces are made with exquisite virtuosity, which has however nothing to do with pompous deliberation.

From Pavesi Sculptures come out a hidden buzz rolling in songs, full of unexpected and unpredictable outcome. Happy inspiration reflects the value of possibilities of expression, which leads beyond the banal advantages of simple craft skills. This is because the sculptor brings out the vitality and can elicit intense engagement.

Mario consistently follows almost fifty years on his path to study the human body, leading a lively dialogue with those who understand deeply his sensational work, - writes Gianfranco Ferlisi, an employee of the Studio Pavesi.

Professor Pavesi prefers to cast all their works in the technique of so-called "casting model". It is an ancient method, known since 400 BC The example of the method is the famous bronze statues of "Warriors of Riace".

 If we talk about the complexity of making sculptures of bronze, it should be noted that it passes in 11 challenging stages. And only after that we see what we see....


Giovanni Sala

Giovanni Sala was born in Sabbioneta in 1947 and received a master of arts at Parma state University. In 1971 he moved to Milan, where he works as a graphic designer in VoGuE magazine. He then returned to Parma, and since the mid 70-ies, about ten years working as a teacher at the art Institute “Paolo Toschi”. In those years, he holds his first solo exhibition in the gallery “Camattini” and then at the gallery “Il at the poliedro” in Cremona. Since then he has exhibited his works in solo and also group exhibitions in private galleries and public spaces. The master has a great talent of turning the matter into creative idea, embodying a reality of their imagination.

Creative experience Giovanni Sala is realized through three-dimensional compositions, singing of his love to the matter. The volume of the sculptures combined with the careful selection of materials, creating original artistic synthesis. The juxtaposition of black and white, light and color are transformed into the story of the relationship between man and nature, the fountainhead of all things. Plastic, copper, brass and steel, the raw materials are curved in the capable hands of Giovanni Sala and transformed into genuine expression of his synthetic vision.

Marco Castagnini, General Director of «Aksai Industrial Park» LLP:

- This event is designed for those who understand that the introduction of technology should not necessarily be limited to the use of faceless figures, to be conducted by machines, in greasy overalls. All the doings of mankind driven by his spirit, and the idea of "Aksai Industrial Park" - the spirit of innovation, the desire to be a pioneer for the world for which our country will sample the best and appropriate industrial development. These aspirations form the basis of "Aksai Industrial Park", this mindset requires inspiration and looking for beautiful form, as a means to express the values of creation. We are unanimous with creative search of Mario Pavesi and Giovanni Sala and believe in the magic of Human creations, we are proud to share that in "Aksai Industrial Park" with everyone it affects.