ContraFlex KZ

ContraFlex KZis specialised in the manufacture and supply of passive fire protection (PFP) and thermal insulation systems designed for upstream oil and gas infrastructures in RoK. The company operates in compliance with KZ content rules and achieved KZ certification for products.



Typical Applications:

Valves and actuators
Cable trays
Electrical junction boxes
Air receivers
Process vessels
Hot pipework
Exhaust ducting systems
Slug catchers and separators

Jet & Hydrocarbon fire rated flexible protection jackets

Tested to JF120 - ISO 22899-1 standard and certified by Lloyds Register (certificate number: SAS F090134)
ABS Certified for 2 hours Jet Fire Protection
UL1709 Tested for Corners, Edges, Large Construction Vessels, Large Valves and Supports
Certified for H30, H60, H120 & H180
Thinner construction

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