PROCONTROL KZ has a platform of design, manufacture and sale of valve actuators with relevant control systems. The range of products goes from compact manually operated gearboxes to large highly specified actuators for use in extreme temperature and hazardous environments. The company will provide high quality products and services pre and post selling through our distributor network and international branch offices.




Pneumatic actuators
Hydraulic Actuators
Electro Hydraulic Control Actuators
Gas over oil Actuators
High integrity Pressure Protection systems
Sub sea
Hydraulic Dampers
Control systems

Typical applications

On offshore platforms
On gas pipelines
On oil pipelines
In desalination plants
In cold artic conditions on gas pipelines
In PTA plants
In LNG plants and on LNG carriers
In Petrochemical plants and Chemical plants
In Turbine trip
In Power plants
In Water treatment plants
In solar power plants
In shipbuilding both topsides

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