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FAI Kazakhstan LLP

FAI Kazakhstan LLP is one of the resident companies of Aksai Industrial Park where it has established in 2017. It is one of the few companies of the Oil & Gas industry in Kazakhstan that designs and produces pressure equipment in accordance and certified by ASME. The technical knowledge is transferred thanks to the partnership with FAI Officine di Carvico SpA, located in Italy, whose long lasting experience of over 55 years in the production of pipeline components, high-pressure vessels and seawater intake screening systems has brought FAI to be a leader in this field.
FAI Kazakhstan LLP
FAI Kazakhstan is specialized in pressure vessel and pipeline components manufacturing as well as providing automated or manual welding services and automated Ultrasonic Testing activities on exotic material such as F22 modified.

Pressure vessels manufacturing includes products such as columns, reactors, separators, scrubbers, rand/slug catchers, air coolers, shell and tube heat exchangers, steam drums.
Pipeline components that are produced range from scraper traps, pig detectors, pig sphere handling facilities, pipeline repairing & maintenance and process packages.


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FAI Kazakhstan is specialized in welding technologies and is able to perform F22 welding and provide a qualified WPS. Furthermore, services like advanced NDE such as Eddy Current and TOFD/Phased Array Automated UT are conducted.
Throughout the years the national Kazakh workforce has undergone welding training programs in Kazakhstan and Italy increasing the transfer of know-how amongst local workers maximizing the increase of local content and allowing to structure post-sales and warranty services with immediate dispatch of local trained personnel.
FAI Kazakhstan is holder of ASME U1 and with the support of FAI Carvico it is holder of ASME U2 stamp and S-stamp.



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