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Aksai Industrial Park is committed to achive and maintain the highest standards of Quality, within all its business activities and to maintain their continuous improvement, in the respect of the Company Mission to generate value for all its stakeholders. Aksai Industrial Park Management is committed to implement with the best available techniques, resources and know how the Quality of its services.
Aksai Industrial Park intends to develop and mantain profitable and lasting relationships with customers, offering safety, service, quality and value supported by continuous innovation. The Company shall pursue business success within the marketplace by offering quality products and services under competitive conditions while respecting the rules protecting fair competition.Aksai Industrial Park ground its Quality Standards on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
The following products and services are carried out in Aksai Industrial Park:
  • Valve (Assembly, Testing & Revamping)
  • Valve Actuators
  • Control Panels and Skid Production (Assembly, Sale and Maintenance)
  • Welding Activities and Trainings
  • Design Engineering Services
  • Flanges & Fittings Production
  • Passive Fire Protection & Insulation
  • Testing and Attestation of Materials and Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels and Boilers (Sale, Maintenance and Revamping)
  • Accredited Laboratory for Mechanical, Electrical, Metrology and Calibration
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What are the advantages that AIP offers to a Resident Company?

The Park offers the possibility for potential investors to expand their production abroad by taking advantage of a technological facility with international quality standards. The inclusion in a new market as a consequence of the expansion of production in Kazakhstan is facilitated by having access to a series of services provided by the corporate division common to the whole Park which deals with the incorporation of the company, qualifications with customers, logistics, management contracts, legal, human resources and administrative services.
The investor therefore reduces any investment risks by taking advantage of an existing facility where rental cost is the only investment required. Therefore he can devote himself exclusively to the production aspect and take advantage of all the corporate services without weighing down his structure with extra costs included in AIP’s services thus creating an economy of scale for the resident companies. Furthermore, by working closely with the other companies in the park, a resident company often has the possibility of providing additional services not only to its final customer but also to other resident companies that may require certain processes on site in a coordinated and cost-effective operating mode. The relocation of production to Kazakhstan is a prerequisite for entering a market where the development of local content is a fundamental component for being able to participate in tenders.

What are the advantages that AIP offer to its Customers?

The creation of a production hub with international companies that move their production to the West Kazakhstan Oblast region allows us to guarantee the Customer a high quality standard of production with international certification. On-site production cuts delivery times and prices compared to foreign suppliers. The range of activities of the various resident companies within the Park make any Customer’s request adaptable according to their needs in a taylor made approach. In addition, assistance regarding repair or maintenance activities has immediate reaction times and project monitoring is made easy given the proximity of only a few kilometers between supplier and the end user. The training and growth of qualified Kazakh personnel contributes in a valuable way to the development of local content.



Aksai Industrial Park

6500 m² Production Workshops
3000 m² Offices Complex
4200 m² Custom Bonded Area
3000 m² Warehouses Space
  225 m² Custom Bonded Warehouse
  200 m² Mechanical Laboratory

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